Strange History

So, the somewhat irregular history of our fledgling band. Back in 2012, I (Sol) accidentally crashed a St. Patrick’s Day gig that Jerry, Bruce, and Andy Rogers were playing. Despite our complete lack of rehearsing as a quartet, it went swimmingly. A few months later, Jerry, Bruce and I teamed up for a wedding gig — that time with lots of rehearsing, but that was mostly so that we could learn to play Pachelbel’s Canon and the Mendelssohn Wedding March on whistle, fiddle, and guitar. That also went very well, and we decided to try to keep it up.

Later that year and early in 2013 we did a number of rehearsals as a band, deciding on the name “Whisky and Water”, setting up this webpage, and working up a number of songs and sets. And then we all got busy, and nothing at all came of it.

Then the organizers of the Great Lakes Gathering decided they needed a band to promote the festival at a local Celtic Woman performance. It ended up being Jerry, Bruce, and me, plus Andy and Randy Bunting. We decided to call ourselves “Whisky and Water Session Band”. And that lead to… well, that’s the next post.

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We’re now in rehearsals for the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day season.  More information here as soon as we have it!

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