Whisky and Water is Jerry Casault, Bruce Macartney, and Sol Foster.  They sing sea shanties and other traditional songs.  They play tunes, mostly traditional dance music from Ireland and Newfoundland.  They can play for bars, parties, and weddings.

Jerry's guitar With a hard driving rhythm guitar and robust baritone vocals, Jerry Casault (vocals, guitar, harmonica) puts new color and flavor to traditional tunes and songs. Jerry started out as a “Rock and Roll” drummer in the seventies, then switched to folk guitar and harmonica, giving him a well rounded appreciation for music. While serving in the U.S. Navy in the eighties, he was stationed in Newfoundland Canada, where he gained a feeling and passion for Irish and Scottish music. He has performed in various groups in Michigan, and has performed yearly at festivals in Europe and the United Kingdom.
Bruce's fiddle and concertinaBruce Macartney (fiddle, vocals, concertina) started playing slide trombone in the 4th grade. In 7th grade the Beatles influence led Bruce and his friends to take up rock and roll in various garage bands — Bruce was the lead guitar player and sometime vocalist. In 1975 Bruce expressed interest in learning to play the violin to a Bay City Luthier, Art Erbel, who immediately presented him with a box of wood pieces that had once been a violin. He glued them together and began to practice tunes like “Faded Love” by Bob Wills. After some time practicing, he was invited to play with the Midland County Chicken String Bluegrass Band. He was introduced to Celtic and maritime music around ’95 by Kathy Morris and Jerry Casault of Hoolie. He is currently with the Celtic trio Sonas and the maritime trio Hoolie. Hoolie has performed in Norway, Holland, France, and Belgium, not to mention the Tall Ships Celebration in Bay City.
w-and-w-whistlesSol Foster (whistle, flute, backing vocals) started playing piano in 5th grade and bassoon in 6th grade. A few years later his grandmother gave him his first tinwhistle. Much, much later he bought a Glenn Schultz PVC whistle and fell in love with the instrument. Sol learned to play Irish tunes in the vibrant Metro Detroit Irish session scene; the Goderich Celtic College introduced him to Irish flute legend Peter Horan, who became Sol’s greatest inspiration in Irish music. At Goderich Sol also studied whistle with Loretto Reid, composition with Liz Carroll and Newfoundland tunes with Christina Smith, Jean Hewson, and the legendary Frank Maher. More recently he has been learned a large number of Newfoundland tunes from the incredibly generous Gerry Strong.  Sol lives in Midland with his wife and young son.

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